A4tech Fstyler FM12 1200 DPI Optical Wired Mouse

The simple design perfectly meet the needs of your daily work, each button will give a fast and effective response and a crisp click.
  • Optical Sensor
  • Symmetric Design
  • Wider Scroll Wheel, 8-in-One
  • Widen Wheel, 4-Way Wheel
Product Code: FM12 1
Brand: A4tech
Warranty: 6 Months Warranty
Availability: In Stock
Available at retailers across Pakistan!
Optical Sensor
High-precision sensor offers accurate tracking.
Symmetric Design
Symmetric design is adopted for both right/left handed users.
Wider Scroll Wheel
Wider scoll wheel provides fingerfit comfort for long time use.
Widen Wheel
Skin-friendly widen design for smooth and comfortable tracking.
4-Way Wheel
Smart horizontal & vertical scrolling.
8 gestures to perform selectable hotkey commands.
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