A4tech Fstyler FM10S 1600 DPI Silent Wired Mouse

Ergonomic Design: The simple 4-button design perfectly meet the needs of your daily work, each button will give a fast and effective response and a quiet click
  • 5M Clicks Lifecycle
  • 1600 DPI 3-Level Adjustable
  • Dust-Resistant Wheel
  • Silent Clicks
Product Code: FM10S
Brand: A4tech
Warranty: 6 Months Warranty
Availability: In Stock
Available at retailers across Pakistan!
5M Clicks Lifecycle
Extreme quality offer over 5 million clicks guaranteed.
1600 DPI 3-Level Adjustable
Adjustable resolution 600/1000/1600 DPI.
Dust-Resistant Wheel
Dust-resistant design prolong wheel life-span.
4-Way Wheel
Smart horizontal & vertical scrolling.
8 gestures to perform selectable hotkey commands.
Anti-Slippery Side
Anti-slippery belt design provides with an enhanced grip to ergonomic and comfort fit.
Silent Clicks
Keeps you focused on the task at hand and eliminates worry of bothering others around you.
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