Intel Optane Memory 16GB

Intel® Optane™ memory is a smart technology that accelerates computers’ responsiveness. It accesses your computer’s frequently used documents, pictures, videos, and applications quickly and remembers them after you power off — enabling you to create, game, and produce with less waiting.
  • Sequential Read (up to) 900 MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to) 145 MB/s
  • Pair with a SATA HDD to affordably increase responsiveness
  • Smart System Acceleration
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Brand: Intel
Warranty: 3 Years
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Rs. 10,499
Less Loading More Gaming
8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors combined with Intel® Optane™ memory M10, which learns and accelerates your most played games. Be the first one ready on the field battling the rivals by loading the next level up to 4.7x faster (vs HDD alone) and install all your games on a large capacity HDD and play them at SSD-like speed.

Wait Less, Do More
Intel® Optane™ memory H10 with solid state storage delivers the responsiveness of Intel® Optane™ memory with the capacity of an SSD. Get to you work faster and open large media files up to 90% faster3 while multitasking than a standalone TLC NAND SSD alone.

Accelerate Your Workflow
By learning and remembering the way you work, Intel® Optane™ memory M10 can accelerate the things that matter most to you; turning your unique computing habits into productivity advantages. With 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors combined with Intel® Optane™ memory M10, your everyday work tasks will perform up to 2.2x faster (vs HDD alone) meaning you get the high-performance you need to work more efficiently and spend less time in front of your screen.

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