AOC CU34G3S 34" Curved Gaming Monitor 165Hz WQHD

The CU34G3S/BK is the widest model of our G3 line and comes with Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD). The gaming monitor has a 1000R curvature, FreeSync Premium and a 165Hz refresh rate.
  • Wireless screen mirroring and Wi-Fi connection to App store
  • Dual integrated Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers
  • Smart Stand for 360 degree projection
  • USB Type-C Connectivity
Product Code: CU34G3S
Brand: AOC
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
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Rs. 174,999 Rs. 185,000
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      A 1000R radius for gaming monitors is the highest option can get and comes With several benefits: less eye strain, reduced glare, larger perceived images and higher immersion. A 165Hz refresh rate, well over twice the industry standard of 60Hz, makes games run smooth as silk

      Expand view With multiple monitor set-up. The narrow border and frameless design offer the minimal bezel distraction for the ultimate battle station

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