A4tech 2Drumtek BH300 Wireless Headset Bluetooth v5.3 + 3.5mm Wired Compatible with PC/Tablet/Mobile/PS4,5/Xbox - Grayish White

The hybrid diaphragm of the A4tech BH300 Bluetooth Wireless Headset is made of grown nano mycelium and carbon fiber. The hybrid diaphragm is designed in 2Drumtek's characteristic style, with attractive trebles, a mid-range, and a deep, satisfying bass. This A4tech BH300 Wireless Headset supports Bluetooth 5.3. The sophisticated Bluetooth version 5.3 keeps the connection steady. The wireless anti-interference distance of the A4tech Headset is up to 10 meters, and it is compatible with PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
  • Hybrid Diaphragm
  • Bluetooth 5.3, Playback Time 35H
  • Silicone Headband, Leather Ear Pads
  • Omni-Directional Mic.
Product Code: BH300 Grayish
Brand: A4tech
Warranty: 6 Months Warranty
Availability: In Stock
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Bluetooth Version: v5.3

Operating Range: Up to 10m (32 feet)

Built-in Battery: 400mAh Lithium Battery

Playback Time: 35H


Speaker Unit: 40mm Hybrid Diaphragm

Frequency: 20Hz - 20KHz

lmpedance: 32ohm

Sensitivity: 100dB


Mic. Type: Omni-Directional

Frequency: 100Hz- 10KHz

Sensitivity: -42dB


USB Type-C Charging Cable: 30 cm

AUX 3.5mm Audio Cable: 100 cm

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